Monday, June 27, 2011

South Street

Finding spots to train for track sprinting is pretty challenging in a town like San Francisco. There are too many damned hills in this place. Even getting out to Golden Gate Park is on the limit as far as climbing. Over the bridge? Forget about it. I miss the pancake-flat roads along the Tamagawa river back home -oops!- I meant back in Japan. Perhaps because of San Francisco's hills I'm a little more fit than I was in terms of the size of my "spare tire", but it's by no means proven that fit means faster. Quite possibly the opposite. Many of the fastest sprinters I know wouldn't look that good at the beach.

Here's my other weekly training spot, South Street in the Mission Bay Complex. It's a straight, flat shot about 300 or 400 meters long. Too short for many drills, but great for starts and jumps from a slow roll. It's deserted on the weekend when the park is crammed with families. Not bad.

The empty buildings feature many, many security cameras to keep me from feeling lonely.

There's even this lovely little park with no one in it. Great for a short break, drink of water, change the gear, vomit..., what have you.

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