Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is Dude. He comes around and hangs out, takes naps and eats the food that me and my girl give him. He's normally pretty relaxed. But if we try to pet him, he freaks out and tries to murder us. Otherwise his behavior is impeccable, so we still like him fine. I'm fairly sure Dude has never ridden the track.

Here's an unusual Sugino 75 track crank. The spider has no cut-outs and the bolt circle is really small, maybe 110 mm? This is my friend Yanoo-san's bike. He says this is the same model Takanobu Jumonji used in his bronze medal kilo ride at the 1996 Olympics. Apparently these are still available from Sugino but the chainrings are super expensive-- over $300 US each!

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